Queen gives Arthur Mafokate ultimatum on their daughter

Queen gives Arthur Mafokate ultimatum on their daughter
Published: 2013 October 13 08:44:18 (77306 Views)
Former kwaito star Queen Sesoko desperately wants to have her daughter back from King of kwaito, Arthur Mafokate according to Sunday Sun.

Queen, who is also known as "Iyaya" has given Arthur an ultimatum as she demands her baby girl, Owami.

The former Abashante group member told Sunday Sun that her life has changed for the better.

She's now a born-again Christian, and part of controversial Pastor Mboro's church.

She told the People's Paper: "I'm thinking of Owami every day and I'm asking myself who plays the mother's role to her, if and when I'm not around.

"What kind of a mum am I who can't raise her own kid? Next year I want my baby back full-time."

Queen said she regrets things she did in the past, except being a mum.

Her sad story all started when she broke up with Arthur.

She bared her soul to Sunday Sun about her previous lifestyle which she said she is not proud of.

Queen told Sunday Sun: "I broke away to start my own thing and things were tough until I was saved by God.

"I used to wake up to a glass of alcohol. But that's in the past now.

I'm a born-again Christian and I've abandoned my old friends and bad habits that came with fame."

Queen added that she is now working on her gospel album.

Sunday Sun contacted Arthur, who said he had no comment.

Source - Dailysun


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Anonymous user 2017 August 08 08:00:11
nginayo iLove back, ngingakusiza ngayo ma uyidinga
Anonymous user 2017 June 21 15:43:43
Amen god is always on time stay blessed
Anonymous user 2017 June 17 05:24:23
make sure of what you saying by releasing your album then start a good relationship with her b4 you can take her plz
Anonymous user 2017 June 16 03:12:59
I don't see that is the good idea to take her back
Anonymous user 2017 June 15 17:47:02
how much are u going to claim from arthur
Anonymous user 2017 June 15 17:46:25
take her so that Arthur can pay mantainance fee lol
Anonymous user 2017 January 21 18:22:18
No no no Queen, so if u take ur gal who's gona play the father part ?...ur stl wrong m nt judging u, BT m giving d fact... Speak to the King nicely n ask 4 d gal 2 visit u..sometimes coz if u fight ul regret @ d end, coz ur gal she'll refuse 2 stay at u full time...gud luck anyway
Anonymous user 2016 September 02 12:39:21
Ayibo...take her back for what manje....don't start war ...Arthur managed until now and looking at your daughter now....Arthur has done a great job. Yes you are her mother who made bad choices and deserves a chance with your daughter...but be patient and sensitive with the situation....
Anonymous user 2016 July 24 15:57:07
Ayikho inkinga akabone umntwana kodwa ayi ukuthi alwe ngabe, uzoya kumama aphinde aye kubaba
Anonymous user 2016 May 27 11:21:36
queen I am a concerned fan, why do we never hear you talk about your husband Apostol Shadrack Nkuwa from Zambia who you used to preach gospel with at churches? what happened to the beautiful couple that helped us to know that there is no one major than the king himself. can we hear something?
Anonymous user 2016 May 14 04:16:24
no she has a right to see her child but not to take her back ngoba sekakhulile uyamfuna no guys let's be fair both of them are the parents there's nothing wrong if she's staying with him vele umkhlisile u Queen akavume uhlulelekile
Anonymous user 2015 December 08 17:10:25
No she belong to arthur mafokate not queen
Anonymous user 2015 December 04 01:22:16
I used to iyaya's fan when they broke up with arthur I felt a betrayal
Anonymous user 2015 October 15 15:21:22
let God judge Iyaya we all do mistake she desrve her daughter
Anonymous user 2015 August 01 19:06:22
Wahemba utilavela nuna loyi
Anonymous user 2015 May 19 10:20:38
if efuna uyihlo wengane angamthola noma nini bt now ufuna ingane yakhe so akanikwe so that ingane izokhula kumama wayo nt kunoma ubani ozolokhu ezenza unina. akafanga so mayibuye ingane
Anonymous user 2015 April 16 22:50:06
Queen must have her Daughter back! Its not fair
Anonymous user 2015 April 10 15:30:00
Its good if ppl see their wrong doings Queen deserves a chance with her daughter
Anonymous user 2014 May 24 19:32:48
Arthur mustn't give her the child! Parenting is a full time commitment, there r no breaks in between
Anonymous user 2014 March 10 19:57:42
lona akafuni ingane yodwa ufuna noyise
Anonymous user 2013 December 20 09:34:17
munikeni umtanakhe bakithi.

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