Footballer comments on Kelly Khumalo 'pregnancy'

Footballer comments on Kelly Khumalo 'pregnancy'
Published: 2013 October 13 08:30:45 (24673 Views)
Kelly Khumalo is apparently pregnant and the baby's father is rumoured to be Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates goalie, Senzo Meyiwa.

Last week, the singer was arrested for allegedly assaulting Senzo's wife, Mandisa.

Kelly arrived at the Hillbrow magistrate's court in a red Golf 5 plated Nzori GP – which is said to belong to the goalkeeper.

Kelly and her sister had allegedly handed themselves over at the Hillbrow copshop where they were each released on R500 bail.

Kelly and her sister, Zandi, are facing charges of assault and will appear in court on 31 October.

A source close to Meyiwa told Sunday Sun that Kelly is indeed expecting a baby.

"He seems happy because his relationship with Kelly is going well at the moment. He doesn't want to hear anything negative about Kelly. He's madly in love with her!"

When contacted, Meyiwa denied the pregnancy allegations.

He said: "What? This is my first time hearing this, it's not true! Is it Mandisa (his wife) who told you this? Kelly is not pregnant."

Then he said about his relationship: "Kelly never ruined my marriage because we already had problems. I'll sort my marriage problems out with Mandisa. She's still my wife."

Senzo said he wanted to make it clear that he regrets hurting his wife and both their families.

"I'm sorry for what I've done," he said.

The source said none of his friends approved of the affair with Kelly as they feel what he's done to his wife was unfair.

Mandisa's cellphone was answered by a woman who said she was Mandisa's younger sister.

"Mandisa has gone to work," the woman told the SunTeam.

Kelly's phone rang unanswered.

Source - Dailysun


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Anonymous user 2014 January 20 08:09:19
Ppl like judging I dont think Kelly is a bad person, we dont knw what ws happining in Senzo marriage so I say if Senzo is happy with Kelly why not. Personally I think Kelly Khumalo rocks.
Anonymous user 2013 November 28 11:43:25
Kelly khumalo is jst annoyng she wz left by her abuseive boyfrnd an now shes breaking mandisa's marrige shes jst a b***tch end of story
Anonymous user 2013 November 24 06:57:53
Kelly shez jst a gold diger lyk her frnd Khanyi Mbau. They always break happy families
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 17:45:35
Haha lol kelly is preg..."Et alone havin a relationxip wit a merried man
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 09:54:08
Aghaah this is nonsense why is Senzo Meyiwa denying Kelly's pregnancy bcos i'm sitting ryt here watching Selimathunzi repeat nd i cn see Kelly's belly tells us the whole story or she is full of ubhatata nxa!
Anonymous user 2013 November 19 17:31:18
Y is senzo ruining his carrer hanging out with kelly dat gal is bad news, senzo will b sorry for wat he is doing to his wife coz cursed is a man who cheats on his wife he has already lost my respct

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