Popular Pole Dancer Bev Sibanda turns to Pornography?

Popular Pole Dancer Bev Sibanda turns to Pornography?
Published: 2012 June 23 15:20:06 (61842 Views)
Popular pole dancer, Beverly Sibanda has defended her dance routine where she SITS ON AN EMPTY BEER BOTTLE while the top part ENTERS HER BODY.

Bev has been a hit, especially with male revellers and the 'empty bottle routine' has been a hit with the majority. But while critics argue that she will be performing a sexual act, Bev said yesterday that she is battling to save off competition from mushrooming dance groups. One of the strategy is to come up with routines that will be hard to emulate.

"I am not in a position to tell you where the bottle goes when I sit on it but those who want answers can come to any of my shows. I don't think it's PORNOGRAPHIC because I will be wearing something and the fans will not see me naked. What I do is very decent if you are to compare with what others like Zoey do. While some people think its pornographic, I believe it is entertainment and no other dancer can do that. That's why people flock to my shows," she said.

She added that her colleagues have been trying to pull her down on realising that she commands a big following.

"Dance groups had died in this country and I have worked very hard to revive it. now that I have made it popular again people have become jealous of me.  Haters are trying all they can to pull me down. Suddenly there are so many copycats and as a result I have to come up with new stuff, which they will struggle to emulate. Once they get it right, I will have to come up with something new. So sitting on an empty bottle is one of the different things that I had to come up with," she said.

She added: "So instead of criticising it, people should be crediting me for INNOVATION because NDITORI SHARK. Talent is in the blood and I will always come up with something new which my rivals and copycats try to emulate."

Bev revealed that she now moves around with a BOUNCER, especially after the news broke that she had managed to buy herself a car from dancing.

"There are just too many haters out there, they want me out and I now fear for my life. As a result, I now move around with a bouncer. In the past I would do it at the show venue only so that I had easy access to the stage but now I need security even when moving about. My rivals have realised that they cannot beat me in this game and they now turn to violence to try and force me out," she boasted.

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Anonymous user 2016 May 14 13:00:31
Inoita vanhu vekwaSadza hapana chevanoziva
Anonymous user 2016 May 14 12:59:37
Inoita vanhu vekwaSadza hapana chevanoziva
Anonymous user 2015 April 08 14:06:25
Pane anonyatsozivawo pekunyatsowona these items here coz zvemapixc akangopozwa hazvinakidze kkkkkk
Anonymous user 2014 September 13 14:19:48
Urihure and your ugliness determines yo wrks
Anonymous user 2014 July 31 03:01:03
Bev ka1 unoita iwe usawisirwa pasi yu a here to entertain us thats yo talent bhora mberi
Anonymous user 2014 June 15 04:17:06
Ndo zvinoita satan anoita kuti ubenefite pakuita chakaipa wobva wavharwa kumeso wotoona sekunge chakanaka zviri kuitwa nabev zvinotsigirwa nevanhu vasingafunge
Anonymous user 2014 June 02 10:38:30
i lyk the way yu dancing and no one z going to stop unoita Bev
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 11:12:02

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